Carnival “Quit Smoking” Cruise

February 8, 2002

In a new twist on shipboard “continuing education” programs, Carnival, the American Lung Association and Connecticut-based Manchester Community College are teaming up to offer “quit smoking Caribbean cruises” aboard the 2,052-passenger Paradise.
The special voyages on Paradise, the only one in cruise-dom to be completely non-smoking, will include on-board smoking cessation clinics and seminars. But wait: only the serious need buy passage. Before boarding, participants must have attended the first two sessions of the “Freedom From Smoking program (available across the U.S.).
According to a Carnival announcement, one thrust of the program aims at sharing “behavior modification strategies to help smokers develop their own ‘quitting plan,’ adjust to recovery symptoms, manage stress through proven relaxation techniques and fight the urge to resume smoking.”
And if the behavior modification doesn’t hold -- and participants slip up while onboard -- they can expect the same “tough love” treatment received by all smoking offenders caught in the act on Paradise. The toughest of which is being booted off the ship mid-cruise. Says a spokesman, “yes, the same rules apply to all passengers regardless of whether or not they're participating in the program. They receive no special treatment and must follow the rules like all other Paradise passengers.”