Cruise Ship Detained in Southampton Is Now Underway

May 27, 2011

(3:50 p.m. EDT) -- According to the U.K.'s Maritime and Coast Guard Agency, MSC Opera was detained in Southampton on May 25 when surveyors found various defects during a routine inspection.

The good news? The ship was already out of service, and is now underway, on its scheduled May 27 cruise to Amsterdam and Norway. Opera had been laid up since May 14, when an electrical failure left the 58,600-ton, 1,756-passenger vessel off the Swedish coast with greatly reduced power. Power was restored the next day, but during the outage, hot food could not be served and the ship's vacuum-powered toilets stopped working. As a precaution, MSC canceled Opera's May 17 cruise from Southampton.

In a statement from May 27, the MCA said that the ship was "not fully compliant with international maritime safety regulations." Neither the MCA or MSC Cruises could offer specifics on the defects, which, of course, have been fixed.

--by Dan Askin, News Editor