Onboard Skiing? Cruise Ships in Space? It Must Be April Fool's Day

April 1, 2011
Cruise-Ship-Ski-April-Fools (3 p.m. EDT) -- Reports of Virgin's Richard Branson buying Pluto for an undisclosed sum and sale prices on a resort that offers complimentary unicorn rentals had us bewildered today -- until we remembered that it's April Fool's Day! If you'd like to get into the spirit of the day, without being duped, we're here to share our favorite cruise travel-related April Fool's fake news with you.

Editor's Note: Just in case April Fool's isn't clear, these are spoofs. They're not real.

First Ice Skating, Then Surfing, Now Onboard Skiing in the Caribbean?

U.K.-based travel agency Iglu Cruise today announced a unique cruise scheduled for December 2011. The seven-night Caribbean cruise (with fares starting at £799 per person, including flights from the U.K. to Barbados) takes place onboard the company's first-ever cruise ship, creatively named Iglucruise, which is outfitted with a top-deck ski slope. Covered in "Perma-Snow all weather ski carpet and serviced by a button lift," the slope also features a hot tub and an alpine-themed après-ski bar "serving a collection of schnapps, gluhwein and more" at its base. Other than that, the cruise details are fairly standard, with just one warning that while dress is casual, beanies are not allowed inside the ship's restaurants. And if you believe that, they may also be able to sell you a cruise vacation to the Alps ...

Forget Skiing -- How About Outlet Malls and Ships in Space?

Gadling takes Iglu's April Fool's idea and multiplies it by 10 with its phony report on new developments in cruise ship entertainment. Our favorites? Pole dancing lessons on Cunard, a huge outlet mall on Holland America, a Virgin-Royal Caribbean partnership to create "the first cruise ship capable of intergalactic travel," and a Disney kids' club that brainwashes your child into being a perfect angel.

A Boon for Hawaii Cruisers…Guaranteed Rainbows!

Travelers planning a Hawaii cruise will appreciate today's report on Go Visit Hawaii about a new joint venture, called Project Rainbows on Demand (PROD), between the Hawaii Tourism Authority and the University Of Hawaii at Manoa Department of Physics. The two institutions have collaborated to create new rainbow-generating technology, with the generators placed at the most scenic spots on each island for optimal scenery-gawking and photo-taking. However, the technology is only in a beta phase as "the two biggest issues are making the equipment weather resistant and determining the logistics of refilling the misting guns." Funny, given the number of rainbows we saw the last time we were in Hawaii, we figured they already had this technology!

Plus, you can always count on Cruise Critic members to make up their own cruising gags. Our Celebrity forum readers have proposed a variety of humorous fake press releases, while budding comedian and Princess fan A1A has written a spoof of the quintessential newbie post on Cruise Critic.

However, sometimes these spoofs do go awry. Gadling today posted a blog that was aimed as a tease at Mexico, where reports of crime, especially in West Coast cities like Mazatlan, have been driving cruise ships and tourists away. Gadling's cruise-themed gag -- which claimed that the major cruise lines have formed an alliance to share information on onboard and onshore crimes, with the result that "effective June 1, 2011, no major cruise lines will call in any Mexican ports, including Cozumel" -- was ultimately pulled from that Web site. It was not in the best of taste and led Mexican organizations, such as This is Cozumel, to lobby the site to take down the story they found offensive. What's your favorite April Fool's Day travel gag? Weigh in on our Facebook page.

--by Erica Silverstein, Features Editor