Seven Seas, Seven Films: Cruise Critic's Favorite Flicks

February 22, 2011
(3:50 p.m. EST) -- What is it about ships that lead filmmakers straight down the path to disaster?

From cheesy classics to scary nail-biters, the cinema is rife with flicks that take a perfectly good ship and flip it over, fill it with ghosts or let Gary Busey run amok on it. True, the brains behind "Titanic" had to sink the behemoth by the closing credits (hope we didn't spoil the ending for anyone), but we mourn the poor old S.S. Poseidon as well. And while Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Lifeboat" may only nominally pertain to cruising (passengers on the titular vessel were traveling to London via freighter), we still get a bit seasick just watching it.

With the Oscars due to be doled out on Sunday night, we thought we'd share some of our favorite cruise-related flicks in a slideshow -- even though the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn't seem fit to nominate any this year.

Fortunately, it's not all doom and gloom. Want a good laugh? Put "Out to Sea" on your Netflix queue. Want a good cry? Get your hands on "An Affair to Remember" -- and grab a box of tissues.

Have a favorite? Vote for one of ours or add your own movie here, and tell us why it should be king of the world.

--by the Cruise Critic editorial staff