Longer Visits to Atlantis

January 14, 2002
The glitzy Atlantis Resort on the Bahamas’ Paradise Island (a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Nassau) has gotten a little bit friendlier about extending the welcome wagon to cruise visitors who may want to visit the star-studded resort while in port. Previously, Atlantis deigned to accept $25 from day visitors in return for an hour-long tour of its archeological sites, lagoon and aquarium. A spokesman told us, too, that cruise visitors were welcome to spend money at the resort’s restaurants and shops. But now it’s loosening up a bit and while still charging $25 per person ($19 for kids) the pass allows passenger access to most of the hotspots -- including the Dig, the world’s largest marine habitat beside, um, Mother Nature) without any kind of self-imposed time limit. The only major area off-limits are the Atlantis’ pools and waterslides. No need to buy a pass in advance of your arrival in Nassau; they are sold at a kiosk on the cruise ship dock and at the Coral Towers Guest Services Deck at the resort itself.