Wintry Weather Delays Carnival Fantasy Cruise

December 27, 2010

(10:55 EST) -- In an ironic twist to the weather havoc that disrupted most forms of travel along the Eastern Seaboard this weekend, the only cruise ship delayed is Carnival Cruise Line's Charleston-based Carnival Fantasy. That ship, slated to arrive early this morning and debark passengers, was caught up in offshore weather that set it back a few hours.

It has arrived in Charleston but boarding for Fantasy's next cruise, a five night Bahamas voyage, will be delayed as we reported yesterday. "The Fantasy arrived in Charleston this morning around 8:30 am (usually it gets in around 6 a.m.) and we are currently debarking guests from the last cruise," Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen told Cruise Critic.
"We had told guests embarking on today's voyage via a letter/outbound call center calls not to arrive until 1:30 p.m. (often times guests arrive at the cruise terminal early and normally drop their bags off and go into town. However, with the 20-degree weather we were afraid guests would want to stay in the terminal and we were afraid that we wouldn't have enough room for all the guests)."

The delay is not expected to affect Carnival Fantasy's itinerary.
Interestingly, the Blizzard-of-2010, which did slam New York on Sunday with up to two feet of snow, had no impact whatsoever on the departure of Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Jewel. And in Baltimore, where Carnival Pride set sail Sunday, the forecasted snow storm never arrived so there were no problems there either.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief