How Many Miles Did Our Reporters Cover on the World's Largest Cruise Ship?

November 23, 2010
With four feet and two pedometers, we set out to see how many miles two journalist would run, walk and climb during a two-night preview cruise on the 1,187-foot-long, 208-foot-wide, 213-foot-tall (above the waterline) Allure of the Seas.

We also asked you to guess -- to two decimal points -- how many combined miles Associate Editor Dan Askin and Managing Editor John Deiner would cover as they reported live from the ship. Closest to the pin would win an Allure of the Seas bag full of swag.

Askin, much of the time in his untied Nikes, accrued 17.19 miles. Deiner covered 11.20 miles, or 25,346 steps for the anal among us. The combined two-day total, during which they abstained from using the elevator save for two occasions, was 28.39 miles. Some 150 people offered guesses ranging from 7.72 (imbuing us with three-legged-turtle-like speed) to 365.83 (Silver Surfer's reported two-day tally), but Krystal Hayes, a registered nurse from Bracey, Virginia, came closest with her wager of 28.11 miles. "I was thinking each would do about 14 miles," said Hayes. "So then I chose 28.11 because my youngest daughter's birthday is 11-28."

For her impressive prognostication -- she tells us she did not consult Zoltar, the fortune teller who's trapped behind glass on Allure's Boardwalk -- Hayes will receive some seriously sweet Allure swag. The prize pack includes a logo "eco-tote," a coffee table book on Allure's eclectic onboard art, a Romero Britto luggage tag, a $10 Starbucks gift card, an Allure notebook and some Shrek ears that the prize winner must agree to wear at every opportunity in order to claim the prize. Unless she doesn't want to. Plus, she'll get a pedometer so she can record the distance she covers on her next cruise, which she "would love to start planning soon."

--by Dan Askin, Associate Editor

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