Update: Cruise West's Spirit of Oceanus Sold, Now Available for Charter

September 16, 2010
Spirit of Oceanus Update, September 16, 5:15 p.m. EDT: Niels-Erik Lund, president of ISP, called us back to confirm the sale of Spirit of Oceanus to a group of Danish investors. ISP will manage the ship, temporarily named Sea Spirit, and is looking for companies to charter the ship on a long-term, multi-year basis. Lund says a few companies have already shown interest, and the first inspections will take place on Sunday. Depending on who charters Sea Spirit, the ship will be upgraded or renamed accordingly.

ISP was interested in Spirit of Oceanus because the company has previously chartered the ship's sisters, Corinthian II and Island Sky. Lund says that ISP will not be looking to manage any other Cruise West ships because its investors are not interested in U.S.-flagged ships.

(September 14, 4:45 p.m. EDT) -- The secrecy surrounding the fate of Cruise West continues, but one new piece of information has recently come to light. Cruise industry publication Seatrade has confirmed that Spirit of Oceanus has indeed been sold.

As reported on Seatrade's industry Web site, cruise-community.com, ship management company International Shipping Partners arranged the sale of Spirit of Oceanus to TN Cruise K/S, a company owned by Danish investors. The ship will be renamed Sea Spirit, and the Danish owners are making the ship available for long-term charter.

We have contacted ISP, and are expecting a call from ISP's president, Niels-Erik Lund.

There's still no word about the future of Cruise West's other ships, nor the company as a whole. As we reported previously, the line will operate its U.S.-flagged ships in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest through October 2010.

We'll keep you posted as the news trickles in.

--by Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor