Shore Excursion Accident

December 4, 2001

Not two weeks after the launch of the newly revived "Two Oceans by Rail," a cruise-oriented shore excursion that takes passengers on an historic train track along the Panama canal between Panama City and Colon has had an accident -- and injured two dozen folks from Carnival Spirit. Three were taken to a local hospital but all are expected to recover.
The accident occurred when the tourist train collided with a regular train. The engineer on the "Two Oceans by Rail" locomotive saw the oncoming train in time to dislocate his car from the passenger car. As a result, he saved the lives of the travelers but, alas, not his own.
An examination is proceeding into the whys and where-fores of the accident. Just re-launched, the tourist train aimed to take passengers on a 47-mile ride from Panama City to Colon with 40 miles of the journey taking place alongside the canal.
The excursion has been cancelled until further notice.