More Drug Busts

November 21, 2001

It may sound unbelievable but just after last week’s big “Operation Smooth
Sailing” investigation, in which U.S. Customs officials arrested a prison
officer (the seventh person it has arrested so far, by the way) who was part
of a campaign to smuggle drugs from Jamaica to the U.S. via Key West --
there’s another arrest. Or shall we say arrests, as in the plural form.
Monday, customs officials arrested four women in Port Everglades -- all
passengers on Princess’ Sun Princess, during a “routine check.” The females
attempted to walk off the ship with 50 pounds of heroin strapped to their
bodies, according to investigator reports.
The heroin bust is said to be one of the biggest ever in S. Florida; the
passengers had been on a 10-day Panama Canal cruise. How did they hide it?
Customs says they wrapped the illegal drug in belts that fit underneath
their clothing -- hello, fashion police, watch out for belts not worn on the
outside! -- and also that the passengers wore shoes with hallowed-out soles
with space for the heroin.