Renaissance Ships On Auction

November 8, 2001
Feeling nostalgic for Renaissance and got a little extra cash in your pocket? Most of the fleet of the ill-fated cruise line, which filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations following the terrorist attacks on September 11, is going on the auction block later this month. The action begins November 13 with R8. The cruise line’s two yacht-like vessels, Renaissance VII and Renaissance VIII, are up on November 14 and the other four -- R1, R2, R5 and R6 -- will be sold November 27. The remaining two ships, the R3 and R4, are still berthed in Tahiti and will remain there for now. Terms? Be prepared to buy the ships not only “as is,” as is common in auction scenarios, but also “where is,” which is Gibraltar, so add the cost of traveling there to your ship-buying budget. Successful bidders have to ante up the cash pretty-darn-quickly; ten percent is due within three banking days and the rest of the balance within five. Still interested? Check out for details.