Olympia Explorer Update

November 8, 2001
It would seem that Royal Olympic Cruises and Blohm+Voss, the Germany-based shipyard, have at last reached detente in cruisedom’s most protracted dispute of 2001. It all started when Royal Olympic refused delivery last spring of its much-hyped newbuild, the 836-passenger Olympia Explorer. The cruise line claimed numerous technical problems; the shipyard balked, saying the ship had successfully completed all trials and was ready to sail. Angry press statements -- not to mention numerous rumors -- were flung to-and-fro. But now, according to the shipyard, an agreement has tentatively been reached and it is anticipated, at least at this point, that Olympia Explorer will sail to the Port of Piraeus early next year. Royal Olympic says the ship will begin sailing Mediterranean itineraries in late spring/early summer.