Hurricane Michelle Weakens

November 5, 2001

Nov. 5 -- Hurricane Michelle, which slammed Cuba yesterday, has sideswiped the Florida Keys and the state’s southern region with damage that’s basically limited to a lot of rain. Presently, the storm is in the vicinity of northeastern Bahamas but its power is greatly weakened to winds measured at speeds of 80 m.p.h -- once again a minimal category one hurricane.
Bermuda remains under hurricane watch but Michelle is expected to weaken further.
In the meantime, in this month of odd tropical storms, the decidedly
non-tropical North Atlantic is the site of the season’s eighth hurricane:
Hurricane Noel, with category one speeds of 75 m.p.h. is aiming at eastern
Newfoundland with an E.T.A. of Tuesday. However, Noel is also expected to
weaken. Transatlantic cruise passengers will feel little to no impact as
even ships crossing the North Atlantic at this time of year can easily skirt
the storm.