RCI New Child Safety Plan

October 24, 2001
In a fairly progressive safety initiative, Royal Caribbean's the first cruise line to create procedures specifically aimed at families -- who frequently are scattered all over cruise ships in separate areas during voyages. The "youth evacuation plan," geared to possible emergencies, is designed to help parents and kids ages 12 and under reunite should their be a reason to. It works like this: children are registered and given color-coded wristbands that indicate the kid's proper muster station. They are required to wear them for the duration of the voyage. These wristbands help crew to guide the young passengers to their family's muster station.
Of course, children who are part of the cruise line's onboard youth programs are escorted, as a matter of course, by center staffers.
Interestingly, Royal Caribbean also extends the program to other passengers who might need extra guidance, from elderly travelers to special needs guests.