(5 p.m. EST) -- It's February, which means symbols of romance -- from bright pink hearts and red roses to cuddly stuffed bears and the ubiquitous floral advertisements -- are everywhere. But really, is there anything more romantic than being aboard a cruise ship on the open sea? Embracing in the salt air a la Jack and Rose from "Titanic," supping on gourmet meals you don't have to cook (or clean up), or just hiding away in your cozy cabin watching romantic movies?

Because we are really sappy at heart, we decided to ask Cruise Critic members -- and staffers -- what they think are the most romantic things to do while cruising. And though we did get some dubious suggestions (ahem, balcony trysts), most of the ideas were lovely and G rated. So, just in time for Valentine's Day, we've compiled our top 10 romantic ideas for your next, or first, cruise.

Check out the sentimental suggestions in our slideshow. There's still time to share your romantic ideas, too -- post them here!

--by Shayne Rodriguez Thompson, Web Content Producer

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