Engine Problems Cause Luxury Cruise Ship to Cancel Port Call

December 14, 2009
Regent Seven Seas Voyager Cruise Ship

(6:18 p.m. EST) -- Regent's Seven Seas Voyager is not having the best of days, as reported by several Cruise Critic members on our Message Boards. Engine problems have caused the ship to skip a port call and a water leak has dampened some of the carpeting onboard.

Diesel Generator #1 went offline today, company spokesman Tim Rubacky told Cruise Critic, and that has reduced the ship's cruising speed. Instead of calling in Antigua as scheduled, Seven Seas Voyager will head straight to San Juan where the engine will be repaired and passengers can enjoy an extra five or six hours in port (as the ship will arrive earlier than scheduled). The remainder of the ship's itinerary will not be impacted.

As for the fresh water leak, Rubacky called it routine and said it only affected a handful of suites. Crewmembers have contained the leak and are using blowers to dry the carpets.

Several Cruise Critic members are currently onboard the ship for its 14-night Rio de Janeiro to Fort Lauderdale cruise, scheduled to end in Florida on December 18. They seem generally optimistic about the cruise, despite the missed port. You can join their discussion here.

--by Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor