Cruise Photos from Carnival Spirit's Halloween Costume Party

November 2, 2009
(11 a.m. EDT) -- Carnival Cruise Lines gets in the Halloween spirit by throwing a fabulous Halloween party for kids and adults. Onboard the aptly named Carnival Spirit, Camp Carnival kids dressed as ghosts, princesses and superheroes trick or treated around the ship, while the adults learned Michael Jackson's Thriller dance, watched a late night showing of "Beetlejuice" and competed for the best costume.

The Deck 2 public areas were decorated with ghosts and ghouls, and we even spotted some cabin doors with Halloween decor. Carnival passengers apparently love a holiday, and a good portion of them spent the evening in full costume. At the meet-n-greet in the ship's atrium bar, Star Trek officers hob-nobbed with bar wenches, angels toasted devils, and monsters of all shapes and sizes chatted up belly dancers, genies and Egyptian princesses. Here are some of our favorite costumes from the evening.

--by Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor