More Silversea Switches

October 4, 2001
Just in case you’re not already confused by Silversea’s recent switch, know that there’s been another. A last-minute engine malfunction on Silver Cloud, which occurred over the weekend, means that Silver Wind, instead of going off on its year-plus “vacation,” will take over Silver Cloud’s itineraries, beginning October 10, at least temporarily. Silver Cloud, which is currently on an European itinerary, is chugging along just fine on one engine until it reaches Villefranche on October 10, when it will go in for repairs. Speaking of Silversea, we’re intrigued by a traveler survey the line has posted on its web site. Questions basically seem designed to ferret out peoples’ willingness to travel, both short- and long-term, in light of recent events. We’re even more intrigued about travelers’ responses. Strangely, Silversea’s p.r. folks are oddly incommunicado and have not responded to several requests for details.