Update: What Started the Royal Princess Fire?

June 20, 2009
Royal Princess Cruise Ship

(12:15 p.m.) -- Some two days after a fire broke out in Royal Princess' engine room, passengers have now debarked and are en route to Cairo and elsewhere. Princess Cruises is alerting travelers who were slated to be on the next sailing that the cruise is now canceled. The line is offering compensation to both sets of travelers.

There's some interesting speculation from tweeter-on-the-scene Greg Surratt, the South Carolina pastor and Royal Princess passenger who's been sharing mini-reports for the past few days.

From a Saturday morning tweet: "Heard from very good source cause of fire: fuel pump. Not as good a source: involved explosion. Several sources: we are very lucky."

Of course, it's way too early for Princess to issue an official cause for the fire.

Meanwhile, Cruise Critic readers continue to discuss the event on the message boards. You can join them here.

--by Dan Askin, Associate Editor

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