New Kids on the Block Cruise Big Hit for Fans, Carnival

May 18, 2009
New Kids On The Block Some 23 years after releasing their first album, New Kids on the Block have made quite the comeback with a new number one single and reunion tour ... and now they can add a sold-out cruise to the list.

Carnival Cruise Lines hosted the band and more than 2,100 fans onboard Carnival Imagination's three-day Bahamas cruise, which departed Miami on Friday and returned earlier today. Not surprisingly, screaming female fans were among the majority, with about 1,800 women onboard and 300 men, according to Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen.

The concert cruise kicked off the group's North American reunion tour, which will run through July in the U.S. and Canada, and featured onboard concerts, opportunities to meet the band and -- rumor (on Twitter) has it -- a butter sculpture of Jordan Knight in honor of his birthday.

The sold-out sailing was obviously a hit among fans, but Carnival must be waving its Zippo lighter as well. The NKOTB cruise was one of the most popular theme trips the line has ever chartered, according to Gulliksen, who tells us the cruise was in such high demand that online booking requests actually "crashed the server from what I understand."

NKOTB Carnival Cruise So, is there going to be another NKOTB cruise next year? Could be: @NKOTB posted the following on Twitter today: "Back in Miami. What a cruise best fans ever. 2010 save the date." However, there's nothing concrete in place just yet. "The band did ask the crowd if they wanted to do this again -- to much applause -- but that's about as far as it went in terms of scheduling another one," Gulliksen says. "That said, nothing is planned at this time...."

We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, are there other teen idols you'd love to cruise with? There's still time to vote in our poll!

--by Melissa Baldwin Paloti, Managing Editor

Images appear courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines. Top right: Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight. Bottom left: Hotel Director Zijad Harcevic with Donnie Wahlberg.