Hurricane Season Picks Up

September 14, 2001

America's hurricane season is finally picking up speed. First up: Tropical Storm Gabrielle which, at 5 a.m. was registering wind speeds of 70 m.p.h. (very near to hurricane status) and was about 85 miles west of Naples, Fl. Weather experts predict that Gabrielle won't be a dangerous storm, just bring lots of rain and flooding to already-soaked parts of Florida. The storm is expected to head across the state in a northeasterly direction.
Not to be forgotten, Hurricane Erin is still swirling. Gradually weakening, Erin, with winds of 80 m.p.h., is some 630 miles south-southwest of Cape Race, Newfoundland.
Keep an eye on Hurricane Felix, with 105 mph winds, which is the newest named storm. Felix is about 1,410 miles southwest of the Azores at this point.