While major cruise line reveals -- from Oasis of the Seas' enormous new cruise terminal to Norwegian Epic's shoebox-sized Studio cabins -- grab the headlines at Cruise Shipping Miami, there's another side to the year's largest industry expo: the trade show.

Roughly two thousand booths are set up at the Miami Convention Center, where CSM takes place, featuring representatives from cruise lines, tourist boards and companies that make products of industry interest. Among the participants on hand this year were cruise ports looking to woo more traffic; bakers telling industry execs that their artisanal loafs would look especially crusty in a dining room bread basket; and camera manufacturers hoping to see their gadgetry end up in an onboard store.

Explore the trade show with us, virtually: Check out our photo selection of nine booths hawking this year's most interesting cruise-worthy products, from a quieter (and less frightening) onboard toilet option to a powder that preserves cut avocados for three days.

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--by Dan Askin, Associate Editor

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