Windstar Wedding Packages

September 5, 2001
It’s hard to believe that Windstar, which has long been billed as a cruise line best geared to couples (romantic or otherwise) only hosted its first on board wedding this summer. But the experience has whetted Windstar’s appetite and the company is now offering wedding packages. Organized by The Wedding Experience, passengers can be married ashore or on deck, in the privacy of the ships’ flying bridges. Fine print-wise, Windstar offers “blessing ceremonies” -- not official, legally (you sign the papers before or after the cruise) but a nice ritual -- on all itineraries, as well as legal ceremonies in Santorini, Greece, the Caribbean and all Italian and New Zealand ports (due to local restrictions in some international ports). The average Windstar wedding costs about $2,000, which permits wedding couples’ to invite ten additional guests (to the reception, mind you, not the cruise itself). Cruise fare is additional.