Damaged Hurtigruten Ship Richard With Pulled from Service

January 15, 2009
Hurtigruten Richard With Richard With, the Hurtigruten ship that ran aground last week while docking in Trondheim, Norway, will be out of service through at least February 20.

According to a company spokesperson, the ship is scheduled to arrive at a shipyard in Stavanger tomorrow for the necessary repairs, and that more details will be available early next week after an "investigation of the ship."

Due to the grounding and subsequent repair schedule, Hurtigruten will be bringing its Nordlys out of lay (the line took that ship out of service this season due to budgetary issues with the Norwegian government) to accommodate those passengers originally booked on Richard With. Because Nordlys is a sister ship to Richard With, the experience onboard should be identical. Nordlys will sail the same route.

--by Melissa Baldwin Paloti, Managing Editor

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