Update: Where's Hurricane Ike Headed Next?

September 8, 2008
Update, 11 p.m. EDT: The hurricane watch for the Florida Keys has been discontinued (though a tropical storm warning remains) as Ike passes over Cuba and heads toward Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Though Ike has been downgraded to a Category One, strengthening is forecast once the system enters the Gulf of Mexico.

We'll keep you posted.

(11:55 a.m. EDT) -- The latest from the National Hurricane Center is that Ike, now a Category Three hurricane, will move over western Cuba overnight before emerging into the Gulf of Mexico late on Tuesday.

Due to Ike's path, the storm could pass over the Florida Keys by midweek; there is currently a hurricane watch in place there and a mandatory evacuation has already been ordered in the region. A tropical storm warning remains in effect for Jamaica and Grand Cayman. It's too soon to tell if the storm will continue on toward U.S. Gulf Coast ports like Galveston, New Orleans or Mobile.

A number of cruise lines have changed itineraries to avoid Hurricane Ike. Click here for more information.

Stay tuned.

--by Kelly Ranson, U.K. Editor

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