Silversea and ResidenSea Part Ways

August 6, 2001
Silversea Cruises and The World of ResidenSea have parted ways. You may recall that ResidenSea is the 40,000-ton ship featuring 110 privately owned residences and 88 guest suites that’s now under construction -- and due for December 2001 delivery. ResidenSea had gained cache and extra credibility when it announced, in 1999, that it had teamed up with Silversea. Among Silversea’s responsibilities included managing onboard operations for the entire ship along with handling sales, reservations and marketing for the 88 guest cabins. There will be a 30-day transition period before Silversea totally hands over operations to ResidenSea. In the meantime, the latter is staffing up -- in some cases with Silversea staffers who were directly involved in managing the partnership.