HAL New Wastewater System

August 6, 2001

In an announcement that falls under the heading of more-than-we-probably-want-to-know, Holland America has announced the installation of a state-of-the-art wastewater system, which converts some of the 100-gallon per passenger, per day, usage into, well, “near-drinking water quality.” Fortunately you won’t be brushing your teeth with it; oddly, Holland America buries the actual reuse of the transformed wastewater way down in its announcement. In fact its applications will be applied to tasks involving deck wash-downs, laundry rinse water, and engine cooling.
So far the system, called Zenon, has been installed on Statendam and Zaandam. Installing Zenon will cost Holland America $2.5 million per ship. The company plans to expand the program to more of its fleet, particularly ships sailing Alaskan itineraries.