Oasis of the Seas Photos Inspire Scavenger Hunt

June 23, 2008
You may remember that renderings of Oasis of the Seas' Central Park neighborhood, released in April, made Cruise Critic News headlines for including copyrighted pictures of celebrities, unbeknownst to the cruise line.

Now, after last week's Royal Caribbean "reveal" event in New York City, the image gallery on the Oasis of the Seas Web site has been updated with additional high-resolution renderings of accommodations, ship exteriors, "neighborhoods," restaurants and more -- this time featuring amusing computer generated characters and situations that you wouldn't necessarily find on a cruise ship.

Take a closer peek at the image entitled Rockwall at the AquaTheater, which shows a crowd of "passengers" seated in the AquaTheater. Some look like holograms; others resemble paper dolls or transparent ghosts -- not entirely unusual when you consider, again, that these images are for placement only and not the real thing. But look even closer and you'll see a cartoon character holding a blue guitar, someone hovering above the zip line, a man with a blurry face who appears multiple times, two harness-free daredevils on the rock climbing wall and even the Easter Bunny.

Other photos feature everything from passengers balancing on the edge of their balconies (obviously a dangerous feat in "real life") to a clown shushing children (a bit silly but we'll give him a pass considering this is a boardwalk). We spotted two little girls with lunch boxes, a dog on a balcony, a boy riding a tricycle and a kid with a skateboard -- all of which you'll probably never encounter at sea!

"For these images that we have released, please rest assured that there are no hidden messages or subtext being portrayed," Royal Caribbean spokesman Harrison Liu tells us. "These computer generated images are intended to help its viewers better conceptualize how guests will interact with the respective spaces and how the spaces relate to each other. No CGI-character serves any other purpose aside from adding liveliness to these spectacular and revolutionary spaces."

Regardless of how or why these particular CGI characters were chosen for Oasis' renderings, the Cruise Critic message boards are buzzing. Here's what some of our members are saying:

"Several people in some of the pictures are wearing winter clothing ... one guy is in a winter cap, boots and jacket. I guess the A/C outdoors is pretty good." --CanTex

"These are hilarious. As a graphic designer/store designer, I'm having a grand ol' laugh. They must have been in a rush to get these things out fast!" --darrencantwait

"My favorite is the one of the diver diving into the crowd, not into the pool." --FitzLA

Have some free time on your hands? Take part in the veritable "Where's Waldo?" and tell us what you've found!

--by Caroline Costello, Editorial Assistant