Princess Adds Soda Cards

July 24, 2001
Princess is taking a cue from Disney (and going a step further) and introducing the soda card-concept fleetwide. Like Disney, you pay a one-time fee and can enjoy unlimited sodas -- an a’la carte item on most cruise lines whose high prices are a real sore-under-the-saddle for many travelers. Unlike Disney, Princess has made its soda cards available to adults as well as kids (so there’s no need to skulk around behind your kid as she’s ordering you a diet Coke or to haul those super-heavy 12-packs onto the ship). Cost, all things considering, is reasonable; it starts at $17.50 for a week-long cruise (which works out to about $2.50 per day -- just what you’d pay for one soda) and goes up to $30 for a 13-day plus trip.