Update: Saga Rose to Sail Today After Crewman's Death

June 12, 2008
Saga Holidays' 587-passenger Saga Rose is expected to set sail from Southampton later today as an investigation continues into a tragic onboard incident that left a crewman dead.

Saga Rose, originally scheduled to depart Southampton Wednesday afternoon on a 14-night Baltic cruise, is now set to leave today at 7 p.m. U.K. time. A scheduled port call in Amsterdam has been dropped from the itinerary as a result of the delay.

The crewman died Wednesday after he became trapped inside the 24,474-ton ship's ballast tank -- a compartment deep inside the ship's hull that can take in or expel water in order to improve stability. A second crewman, who was also trapped in the tank, was rescued by emergency services and transported to Southampton General Hospital. He has since returned to the ship.

A press release issued this morning by Saga Holidays provided little additional information about the tragedy, noting only that the cruise line is working with Maritime authorities and emergency services to piece together the circumstances surrounding the crewman's death. Saga reps declined to comment on specifics of the incident, citing the ongoing investigation.

Police told the BBC that the crewman, who the news outlet identified as a Filipino man in his 40's, became trapped while working in the tank and likely suffocated.

Saga spokesman Paul Green termed the ballast tanks an "out-of-bounds area," telling the BBC that crewmembers need to have written permission to go inside the tank and must be accompanied by a safety officer.

--by Michael Potter, Assistant Editor

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