Norwegian Majesty Rescues Four Men at Sea

May 27, 2008
For four Memorial Day weekend revelers, a fishing trip led to a lost boat -- and an unexpected cruise onboard Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Majesty.

On Saturday morning, four men -- Mark Harold, Michael Cease, Greg Stevenson and Allan Narowski -- set out on a fishing trip from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina in a 24-ft. boat. But a fun weekend jaunt turned frightening when they were caught in a violent storm 30 miles from shore. The men issued a mayday call, but received no response for hours, during which time the boat began to run out of fuel.

According to a statement by NCL, Norwegian Majesty was only two-and-a-half hours into its cruise when the captain heard the distress call. The cruise ship changed course and picked up the stranded men, who were provided with food, drink, cabins and clean clothes onboard.

Norwegian Majesty was headed to St. George's, Bermuda as part of a seven-night cruise out of Charleston. The men were scheduled to disembark in Bermuda, where they will have to clear customs and book their own flights home.

Ironically, one of the men -- Allan Narowski -- was already familiar with Norwegian Majesty. He and his family took a cruise on that ship in 2004, Charleston's Live 5 News reported.

--by Erica Silverstein, Associate Editor