3 Dead in Boat Accident

July 16, 2001
While the how and why aspects are still unclear, three passengers on Carnival’s Elation, which sails seven-day Mexican Riviera itineraries, died this weekend. Not on Elation, mind you -- the passengers were one of about 20 other Carnival cruisers who’d gotten onboard a glass-bottom boat in Cabo San Lucas. The boat, a water taxi of sorts that also offered glimpses of sea-life below the surface, capsized Friday morning. Other Carnival passengers were injured. A Cabo San Lucas Red Cross official said that a wave up-ended the 18 ft. boat, but witnesses, reportedly, said the boat hit rocks. The water taxi was one of many in that region that shuttled tourists, who wanted to see beneath the sea, around. The water taxi was not part of a Carnival-organized shore excursion.