Which travel agency has the best cruise web site? Gomez, an Internet quality measurement firm, says that, despite its neophyte status, Uniglobe.com gets the Gomez WebStar (TM) for its number one industry ranking -- due to its “Cruise Control” booking engine. Travelco.com finished second in the rankings, Travelocity.com was third. Confusingly, Gomez doesn’t distinguish between travel agency sites (whether they be virtual or sticks-and-bricks) and cruise line sites. As a result, a handful of cruise lines also were included in Gomez’s “top ten.” Among them: Carnival was singled out for its recently added “What’s New” feature; webmeisters will find more than promotional tidbits here -- most useful, particularly during this time of year when hurricanes may affect current or upcoming cruises -- is a weather warnings section. Norwegian received kudos for its excellent ship descriptions, where you embark on a 360-degree tour of everything from a stateroom to a bar. While Princess Cruises did not make the top ten list, it’s still got the best feature for cruisers suffering from excessive wanderlust -- its “live bridge cams,” which offer up-to-the-minute views-from-the-bridge from the line’s entire fleet. Check out the Gomez scorecard at www.gomez.com.