Van Gogh Set Free; Heads Back to UK

April 3, 2008

Day 2 --Van Gogh's Still Impounded in Funchal!

Is Van Gogh Cursed?

Van Gogh Cruises Cancelled through November

Van Gogh, the 15,400-ton, 500-passenger ship that has been marooned in Madeira since Tuesday, has been given permission to depart the port of Funchal. The ship had been detained there because of debt owed to the isle that dated back to its operation under old owner Travelscope.

According to a statement from Paul Clark, one of the joint administrators of Travelscope, “I can confirm that, following discussions with Club Cruise, we have agreed to release the vessel MV Van Gogh from detainment in Madeira. This is as a direct result of a satisfactory solution being agreed by ourselves and the owners of the vessel. We are unable to reveal the details of the solution but, needless to say, we are pleased to have resolved this impasse.”

Indeed, the ship has already departed from Funchal (take a look for yourself via the port's webcam).

In another statement, Mark Horwood, the managing director of Van Gogh Cruise Line Limited, said that "the vessel will leave Funchal at 1830 today (Thursday) and continue its journey to Falmouth, arriving Sunday evening 6th April 2008." He added, "the exact time [for arrival will] be confirmed." Passengers will disembark on Monday. Transfer arrangements are underway.

The 400-plus passengers onboard for Van Gogh's world cruise expected to arrive at Falmouth on Saturday. The ship is completing a three month-long world cruise.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief