Cape Cod Light Delayed

July 5, 2001
In another really odd shipyard delay announcement, American Classic Voyages, which is just this year spinning off Delta Coastal Voyages, a new cruise arm, says now that the planned September launch of its second ship, the Cape Cod Light, will now delay its premiere until next April. The cause? The company is vague, of course, using the terminology "yard delay." But, they are at least being a little more forthcoming than the folks at Royal Olympic, which also is experiencing "yard delay," and which is quibbling with its shipyard over whether or not the Explorer is ready to sail. American Classic simply says that the $42 million sister ship to Coastal Voyages' Cape May Light, would be, timing wise, better introduced in the spring cruising system than in the fall. Not mentioned, of course, is that the cruise line doesn't have to pay the pricetag for the ship, most of which is due on pick-up, until it, well, accepts delivery.