MSC New Ship Detained

July 5, 2001

We wonder how disappointed, mostly British passengers, planning to take a Norwegian Fjords cruise on Mediterranean Shipping Cruises' Ocean Glory, will be when they find out why the ship was abruptly detained at Dover.
The 845-passenger ship, which is chartered out by MSC to Cruise Holdings Maritime Corp., which then chartered it to U.K.-based tour operators, had been "arrrested" in Lisbon over a dispute over owed port fees. The Lisbon maritime officials who boarded the ship noticed a few -- well over 35 -- deficiencies, things like faulty radio equipment and cockroach infestation. The dispute was resolved but the folks in Lisbon passed along a heads-up to port officials in Dover, who then boarded the ship and, much like the U.S.' CDC Vessel Sanitation Program, gave Ocean Glory a no-sail and ordered the deficiencies fixed.
The ship says it's planning to fix the problems in time for the next scheduled voyage.