MSC Contest: The Good, The Bad, The Winners (Coming Soon!)

March 26, 2008

Now that the MSC Cruises' "A Mediterranean Winter Cruise" Treasure Hunt & Cruise Giveaway has come to an end -- the last call for entries was 11:59 p.m. EST Sunday! -- we want to know: What did YOU learn about MSC Cruises and winter cruises in the Med?

This month, we buried 11 trivia questions -- and their answers -- on various areas of from Reviews and Ports to Features and even News. For example:

This city debarks Mediterranean cruises year-round, but may be better known for native celebrity Christopher Columbus (answer: Genoa).

MSC Cruises is one of the fastest growing cruise lines in the industry. How many ships will sail in the MSC fleet by the year 2010 (answer: 12)?

We hope the following question was a piece of cake (we've been hyping the upcoming launch of MSC Poesia for weeks!):

Debuting in April, this sister ship to MSC Musica and MSC Orchestra will feature a three-deck waterfall, sushi bar and Turkish bath (answer: MSC Poesia).

Meanwhile, finding the page that contained the answer and treasure for this question proved difficult for some, but not impossible -- it was buried in Features:

Adhere to the dress code: After 6 p.m., MSC prohibits jeans, T-shirts, shorts and these (answer: bare feet).

For each answer "found," hunters received treasure in the form of a letter of the alphabet; those 11 letters rearranged form a two-part proper noun, which participants entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free 11-night cruise onboard MSC Poesia or Fantasia!

What's the most interesting thing you learned about winter cruising in the Med? Did you find the trivia difficult? Would you want to cruise with MSC after going on the treasure hunt? What did you think about our contest? Tell us here.

We were thrilled that nearly 2,000 people signed up to participate in the treasure hunt and learn more about MSC Cruises' year-round Mediterranean sailings. Of those that ventured a guess at the final answer, most got the answer right -- "Sophia Loren," who's MSC Cruises' sophisticated Italian spokeswoman and godmother of choice. There were, however, some interesting incorrect guesses, such as "Sailor Phone" and "Napoli Shore."

We're still in the process of selecting and notifying our Grand Prize and T-shirt winners; we'll announce those names soon, so stay tuned!

And if you missed out on the trivia, treasure hunt and cruise giveaway, don't worry -- there's still plenty of fun, useful information on the way. Next month we'll be reporting live from the christening of MSC Poesia. We'll also highlight the best of the Western Mediterranean throughout April as our Destination of the Month.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Managing Editor