Air Strike Update

June 25, 2001

There’s good -- and murky news --  on the airline strike front. First, we’ll eliminate the suspense: Comair has officially resolved its months-long pilot contract dispute and will begin flying on July 2.

But if you’re an American Airlines flyer, a heads-up. Talks broke up last week between airline and its flight attendants. The flight attendants union says it is not optimistic about resolving the conflict -- which was three days short of the end of a cooling off period between the two -- before the July 4 travel period. However, it is expected that whatever the status, President Bush will use his emergency powers which allow him to delay any strike up to 60 days. So the issue really impacts cruise passengers considering booking seats via American Airlines for trips in September onward. And, of course, the strike could be settled by then. But forewarned is forearmed.