Official Report Cites Human Error for Crown Princess List

January 11, 2008

A year and a half after Princess Cruises' Crown Princess listed heavily at sea (see our coverage here), causing passenger injuries and itinerary interruptions, the National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed that human error is to blame.

The NTSB issued a summary of its final report yesterday on the July 2006 incident off the coast of Cape Canaveral. According to an official statement from Princess Cruises, "This isolated incident was the unfortunate result of human error, and we again apologize to all our passengers and crew who were injured or frightened by the unexpected listing of the ship."

Spokeswoman Julie Benson tells us that the senior officers involved in the incident are all sailing with the company; the second officer returned following a training period, and after a time of service, voluntarily resigned.

In the last year and a half Princess has instituted new preventative measures including:

Better training for deck officers

Improved bridge resource management and handover procedures

Enhanced emergency response procedures and training

New mustering procedures to account for passengers onboard

Increased bridge manning including advisors to oversee and report on bridge operations

"We appreciate the detail and thoroughness of the NTSB's investigation, to which we offered our full cooperation," the statement further reads. "We will look forward to reviewing the details in their entirety when the final report is issued."

We'll continue to post updates as necessary.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Managing Editor