easyCruise Takes to the Tube

December 21, 2007

"What do you think about cruising?" easyCruise, the two-ship, anti-cruise cruise line, wants to play word association games with new cruise travellers. And so its TV new campaign hits the tele -- beginning on Boxing Day, you'll see ad spots on Channel 4, E4, UKTV Style and UKTV Dave.

It's easyCruise's first official foray into television advertising (though many TV viewers in the United Kingdom are already quite familiar with the popular Sky TV series, "Cruising with Stelios"). And like many of the new tweaks to the line’s onboard experience, such as a more standardized cruise schedule, an onboard spa, ability to pre-book excursions and meals, the line that once was an industry rebel is coming to look a bit more traditional.

So easyCruise wants to know what you think -- only first-timers should apply -- by asking if you associate the mode of travel with (tacky) decor, (boring) bingo, and cabins that are about half the size of the tiniest hotel room in London. Expect of course for your illusions to be shattered by glamorous shots of stunning Greek port cities, smiling passengers enjoying cocktails and fine food, and active onshore pursuits (see horseback riding on a beach).

Interested in taking a peek at the ad? Though the line has gone with the more traditional route of tele ads, it still hasn't forgotten the newer venues for adverts -- you can watch the ad on YouTube.

--by Dan Askin, Assistant Editor