Celebrity Solstice Heats Up With Glass Show

November 30, 2007
The trend of dreaming up innovative firsts for new-builds continues with Celebrity's announcement that its upcoming Solstice will introduce a fresh art program onboard: glassblowing.

The cruise line has teamed up with the world-renowned Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, to introduce cruisers to its traveling exhibit, the "Hot Glass Show." Since 2001, the show has traveled to museums, art fairs and public festivals around the world, but this will be its first foray at sea.

What exactly is the Hot Glass Show? On Celebrity Solstice, three resident "gaffers" -- glassblowing artists -- will conduct live glassmaking demonstrations, lectures and workshops in a custom-designed outdoor studio, located on the ship's upper deck. The gaffers will create items such as vases and bowls as a narrator explains each step in the process and answers guests' questions.

The show will be free and offered several times per voyage, on all itineraries. For a preview, visit www.cruisecelebritysolstice.com.

Though there are no concrete plans at this point for hands-on passenger participation, a spokeswoman for Celebrity tells us that Celebrity and The Corning Museum of Glass are exploring ways to allow some guests to experience the art of glassblowing for themselves. Celebrity is also in the process of developing products that will be available for purchase that will complement the type of artistry the Hot Glass Show will bring to the ship.

The Corning Museum of Glass' Hot Glass Show has been seen at such venues as the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and America's 400th Anniversary Celebration at Jamestown. The show will debut on the 118,000-ton, 2,850-passenger ship -- a new prototype for Celebrity -- when it launches in December 2008.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Managing Editor