Ocean Village Introduces Hot Dance Onboard

November 2, 2007
In response to recent findings showing a dramatic rise in fear of public dancing by the British population, Ocean Village, the popular U.K. purveyor of casual cruises, has introduced Zumba, an easy-to-learn Latin dance, onboard its ships.

Pre-bookable online for both of the line's ships (Ocean Village and Ocean Village Two), Zumba is a new Latin-inspired fitness regime that uses a combination of a six easy dance steps that's sure to improve the overall quality and confidence of the dancer.

According to the cheeky "Murder on the Dancefloor" study, carried out on behalf of Ocean Village by the Ciao Surveys (online interviews with 1,000 people), the British public has been rendered wall flowers by a combination of trendy television dance shows, pressure from onlooking coworkers at holiday functions, and the horrifying prospect of having their spastic flailings posted on YouTube.

Some of the specific findings pointing to a clear lack of dancefloor self-esteem include:

One in five Brits view dancing as a form of torture.

25 percent of Brits won't be dancing in front of their colleagues this Christmas simply to avoid embarrassment the next day at work.

A quarter of men do not believe dancing is an activity that real men need to learn. At the same time, the study pointed to a earnest desire for self-improvement.

One in four Brits would like to learn a few easy Latin dance steps to help them look better on the dance floor.

A whopping 62 percent of women surveyed would rather lose weight by learning to dance than by joining a gym.

A third of Brits would secretly join a dance club to learn a few moves to surprise their partners.

--by Dan Askin, Assistant Editor