Update, 10:15 a.m.: Windjammer has officially canceled Legacy's November 3 and November 10 cruises, according to the Miami Herald; the company now says it will resume Legacy voyages in Costa Rica on November 17.

(November 1) -- To sail ... or not to sail? That is the question regarding Windjammer's Legacy, which ceased cruising in September, along with the rest of the fleet, after the company all but imploded.

USA Today's Gene Sloan posts on The Cruise Log that the youngest of founder Mike Burke's six children -- Joseph Burke -- is stepping up to the plate to resuscitate the floundering cruise line. Burke's been posting on message boards, including jammerbabe.com and Cruise Critic's own Windjammer forum (under the screen name josephburke) that he plans to streamline the company and re-launch voyages on a single ship, the Legacy, as early as November 3. (The other ships -- Mandalay, Polynesia and Yankee Clipper -- will be phased back into service "after a few months," according to posts.)

Well, that's this Saturday -- and so far, we don't know if the voyage is on or off. Windjammer spokespersons did not immediately respond to our request for additional information.

What we do know is that Burke's comments have elicited quite a response in both camps:

Islandbear posts, "This is not about Captain Burke's vision as far as I am concerned, this is about a company that took people's hard earned cash and left them standing on the docks ... this is not about tall ships, rum drinks and small ports. This is about a total lack of trust, potentially fraudulent corporate behavior and inhuman treatment of employees."

On the other hand: "Thanks so much for your candid message," writes Duke of URL. "Please know that there are many 'old salts' who still have not heard the 'fat lady sing' and are rooting for Windjammer (including the home office staff, the captains and the crew) to pull through this tough spot and return to its former, barefoot glory."

We'll keep you posted.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Managing Editor