What Special Touches Do You Want in Your Cabin?

September 21, 2007

Celebrity Reveals Solstice Cabin Details

It's a truism in the cruise industry that most ship designers are men. It's another fact that women are generally the primary decision makers when it comes to booking a vacation. So in an effort to build a ship that appeals to females, Celebrity -- which is building the highly anticipated new Solstice -- created an advisory panel of women to, er, help its male designers create a cabin that addresses female preferences (read our report for the details).

In the spirit of nurturing the feminine sides of all of us (guys, too), we want to know: If you were creating the cruise ship cabin (let's make it standard with a verandah), what essential features or design concepts would you most want? A group of four women at Cruise Critic created a wish list; you can vote for as many (or few) of our picks as you want. Some of them are serious -- we mean business -- and others are pie-in-sky!

Please note: In a couple of cases, a suggestion is already available on a limited basis (such as in-cabin coffeemakers -- European lines often have them and, of the North American cruise lines, NCL is an early adopter). We still include them because good ideas should be spread around.

Vote now -- and please feel free to post your own suggestions in the thread!

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor