Norwegian Coastal Voyage Now Called Hurtigruten

September 11, 2007
Norwegian Coastal Voyage (NCV), the small ship expedition cruise line known to North American cruise travelers for its off-the-grid trips to Antarctica, Greenland and Norway's fjords, has adopted a "new" name. Effective immediately, the company will revert to its parent company's name and will be known as Hurtigruten.

In essence, the cruise line has been known abroad for years as Hurtigruten, and so the move to eliminate the resulting confusion with a dual name scenario is a welcome one. The Norway-based Hurtigruten is one of the oldest cruise lines in the world -- it began some 115 years ago operating steamers along Norway's fjord-lined west coast.

The company currently owns 15 ships. Most recently, Hurtigruten introduced a prototypically new design this year: the 12,700-ton, 318-passenger Fram, designed and built for exploring Greenland. Other favorites, at least in North America and the U.K., where the line is also quite popular among adventure-minded travelers, include Midnatsol, Finnmarken and Nordnorge.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor