Two Infinity Cruises Canceled

June 6, 2001
It’s been a less than a banner week (or month, come to think of it) for Celebrity Cruises, which already has announced that a malfunctioning Galaxy has canceled a two-week European voyage. Now the brand-new Infinity, which is sailing an Alaskan itinerary out of Vancouver, is acting up; a ball-bearing unit in the ship’s starboard propulsion system is malfunctioning. As a result, Celebrity has canceled Infinity’s June 8 and June 15 voyages. While passengers on the June 8 trip get the usual we’re-sorry-for-your-inconvenience full-refund for their cruise, plus a voucher for a free future sailing, those on the June 15 sailing only get a 50 percent-off voucher with their refund. Calling Celebrity’s “help desk,” our inquiry about refunds for airfare not purchased through the cruise line got a tough love response. You’ll have to negotiate that (the $100 rebooking fee) with the airline yourself, the rep said flatly, acknowledging that other displaced passengers were upset. “It’s been a big to-do.”