Carnival Victory Bumps New York Pier

August 2, 2007

Parking in New York is no picnic -- even for a cruise ship. Carnival Victory's bow bumped the pier in Manhattan this morning coming in from a five-night Canada/New England cruise, according to news reports.

New York's WNBC-TV reports that the incident caused little damage to the ship and pier, and that there were thankfully no injuries.

Member Crusin Karen, who was chatting about the incident on Cruise Critic's Carnival forum, writes, "It's a gorgeous day here in New York, so the weather shouldn't have been a factor. I marvel at those ships, though. We watched two ships dock when we were already at the pier and it really is amazing. I can't even parallel park a car! Sure was a rude awakening for those pax. Can you imagine, look over at your cruise mate and say, honey, I guess we're home!"

Lulachick, also participating in the forum chat, offers a heads-up to Cruise Critic members: "Please do not think it was the captain that did this. Every harbor has a Harbor Master/pilot that takes every ship in and out and 'parks' them in the berth."

According to an official statement, the ship is expected to sail this afternoon on its next voyage as scheduled. A comprehensive investigation is underway as to the exact cause of the incident.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor