Millennium Off to Barcelona ... on Schedule!

July 20, 2007

Update: Millennium Repairs on Schedule

Millennium Heads to Dry Dock After Cancellations

Current, Next Millennium Cruise Canceled

Millennium Still in Civitavecchia

Controversy on Millennium's Repairs? Not Necessarily....

Celebrity Millennium Hitch Costs Port Calls

Celebrity Millennium -- which has been in a dry dock in Palermo for the last week -- will set sail today for Barcelona, according to a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. spokesman. The July 24 cruise is expected to operate as planned and on schedule.

The cruise line canceled Millennium's June 30 and July 12 voyages after the ship struck rocks off Villefranche, necessitating repairs to several propeller blades. These fixes have now been completed.

"Per Celebrity customer service last night," member AtlantaCouple posts on the Celebrity forum, "Millie is out of dry dock and is back in the water, and so far she is running fine. The plan is to have her run at full speed (20 knots) for a couple of days while en route back to Barcelona.

"I'm glad to see this as we're scheduled for the August 17 cruise!"

Stay tuned.

--by Melissa Baldwin, Senior Editor