ResidenSea Time Fares

May 31, 2001
The World of ResidenSea’s “Tailored Time Fares” sound a lot like time “shares.” The yet-to-be-launched vessel, devoted in part to condo-owning passengers, is operating a cruise ship component through Silversea. Like some timeshares (particularly high-end varieties operated by Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons), Silversea is introducing some unique options. You purchase a sailing by itinerary or -- and this is the new concept -- can buy cruising “days” in chunks of 30, 60, 100, 200 and 300. These can be used over a period of two years. The way it works is that you can get off at any point for a couple of days or longer, and then return at your convenience -- without wasting days you paid for onboard. Of course reservations must be made in advance. The World of ResidenSea is due to launch on January 24. The ship, on a 365-day around-the-world schedule, will sail itineraries, well, just about everywhere, including South America, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean and the Canadian Maritimes.