The Deal's Closed: Ambassadors Now Owns Windstar

April 4, 2007
The sale of Windstar Cruises has officially been consummated. The cruise line, long owned by Seattle-based Holland America, is now part of Ambassadors International, Inc. It will be operated by Ambassadors International Cruise Group (still with me?) which also runs Majestic America Line -- a relatively new company that has acquired ships from other American river lines.

The "new" Windstar, which will be based at the same Seattle locale as Majestic America, has a lot of Holland America and "old" Windstar in its bloodlines. David Giersdorf, the head of Ambassadors' cruise group, was a senior executive at Holland America -- and it was just announced that Diane Moore, Windstar's head of marketing and sales, will move over to Windstar's new home (she'll also handle the same chores for Majestic America).

Though a spokeswoman for Majestic America declined to provide additional details, industry sources tell Cruise Critic that Windstar's onboard officers, staff and crew were offered the chance to stay on and that many, especially crew, have opted to do so. On the other hand, some of the Dutch officers have opted to stay with Holland America.

At this point there are no substantive changes to Windstar's itineraries and scheduling. We'll keep you posted.

--by Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor